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About LnM

We're two teenage girls who love to sing and play the guitar and piano.  We are both in a choir called Vox Pop, which is a choir for 11-18 yr olds.  Last year we had watched Battle Of The Bands at our school and thought maybe we should enter it next year.  We then got together and started practising different songs, next we thought that we should have a name (LnM stands for Eleanor and Emma). Then Emma's dad designed our logo that we now use, after that we decided we should make a Facebook Page so that we could post videos of us singing, to see whether people liked them, and sure enough they did!  Next we had to decide on what to sing, it needed to upbeat (so people didn't get bored) but something that everyone would like.  In the end we went with Better Together by Jack Johnson and passed the auditions and went into the Finals!! When the votes, from the finals, had been counted we found out that we came in 3rd place!